100th follower! A fresh post to celebrate a blog of 100% original content, I’m very proud.

I’ve lost a  fair whack of confidence over the last year (concentrating on the necessity of bill paying/survival post-grad), but there are still bits of work appearing in sketchbooks and scraps of note paper in pubs around Cheltenham (a pint always helps).

Here are two pieces I recently did at my work; SOHO Coffee in Regent Arcade, Cheltenham. The scale of both (roughly A1), positioning (near the floor) and limited palette were a fresh challenge. I’m pretty happy with them, it’s great sorta going at it blind, not knowing a final outcome. It’s a great confidence boost and realisation of skill when people compliment you, it’s easy to forget that lots of people don’t really draw! So thank you :)

Feel free to pop in and say hi if you are local (or not!), we don’t bite. Plus we do pretty decent coffee and locally made, organic food, so that’s not bad.

Cheeeeeeeeeerrrrssssss x

My plants, 2012

Should be focusing on Research Project, but decided I needed a nice, stress free drawing sesh. Handy my uni desk has a windowsill full of my plants then int it?

Sgt. Pepper has steadily flowered for the past year, having a new chilli ready once a week or so, and after a hearty, well earned feed just before the LBF, now has loads of fresh leaves and flowers about to bloom.

The strawbs are coming along nicely too, one has a flower on! *nod*

Opaque  by  andbamnan