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Albino Boa  (3.10.12)
Sketch; washed and lined with a water soluble brush pen. Nowhere near the result I intended, but I kinda like it.
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My plants, 2012

Should be focusing on Research Project, but decided I needed a nice, stress free drawing sesh. Handy my uni desk has a windowsill full of my plants then int it?

Sgt. Pepper has steadily flowered for the past year, having a new chilli ready once a week or so, and after a hearty, well earned feed just before the LBF, now has loads of fresh leaves and flowers about to bloom.

The strawbs are coming along nicely too, one has a flower on! *nod*

Another A3 sheet of insects. Kinda time I did something with these, so shall be spending loads of time in front of the screen editing and compiling. Favourites are the Cicada (middle, red and white wings) and the Thorn Bug above. Seems my favourites are always the most difficult to do (fiddly bastard wings… layering… layering… LAYERING).
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Wing Details, 2012
Banded Orange Heliconian and Malachite butterflies. Watercolour studies focusing on pattern and colour of wings. I really enjoy building up the colour, especially where it’s splodgy, indicating the individual cells (?). Originally sketched out as designs for woodcuts, this will probably happen eventually. Possibly. It’ll happen.
(Copyright is mine, and a big thanks to Alaska Uni Museum and Scientific Illustration tumblrs for reblogging my work, you’re brill)
Macaws, 2011
Quick Christmas doodle, I left my brushes in Chelt so had to make do with some of my old, thick bristled ones (shortly before I found Dad’s….). Ink. Mess. Progress in terms of speed and expression, putting work into a bit of a context, but still isn’t really anything other than sketchbook doodles.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan