Nemo, August 2012
A recent commission, A4 ink and watercolour on slightly bigger paper. Having been ill treated in her past life, it’s taken Nemo four years to be comfortable rolling and relaxing on her back with Rachel. 
It’s always interesting comparing the painting with the source photo a few days later, noticing how it’s been naturally interpreted, such as expressing some colours more than others (pinks and blues) and how textures have been created. If done again, I would perhaps try to create less of a harsh contrast between the inked fur lines and washed bedsheets. Just a niggle though.
I’m open for commissions now that home life and work seem to be at a manageable level, so mail me if you are interested :)
(Copyright Joe Ward)
Maisie, 2012
Recent commission, A4, watercolours, ink. She’s a beagle mutt. Sorry about the lack of updates recently, this blog has primarily been used for my Uni work, and so has had to be submitted to various exam boards. I’ll make up for it. In the near future you’ll also see a new portfolio blog and hopefully an online shop, just been very busy recently! Thank you for all the new follows and rebloggings, it’s always appreciated and puts a smile on my face. Much love.
(copyright Joe Ward)
Opaque  by  andbamnan