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Nothing you haven’t really seen before, just in a more professional setting. 
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Commission in the works, so will have an update fairly soon.
Enjoy! x

Pieces from a blog I found, a hiker’s collection of diaries. Interesting little books filled with sketches, maps, notes on weather and general ephemera collected over his travels.


Another A3 sheet of insects. Kinda time I did something with these, so shall be spending loads of time in front of the screen editing and compiling. Favourites are the Cicada (middle, red and white wings) and the Thorn Bug above. Seems my favourites are always the most difficult to do (fiddly bastard wings… layering… layering… LAYERING).
(Copyright is mine)

Insects, 2012.

Two A3 pages from my sketchbook. Thought it’d be much simpler just to show them like this than edit and edit and edit. They take too long to do. 

Shield Bugs, 2012
(L-R Hawthorne, unspecified Indian, Forest, Common Green)
A small selection of shield bugs from the pages upon pages of insects I’ve been drawing recently. Going for the whole museum collection look. One project aim is to have loads of bugs drawn out to print into a huge piece. This can then be separated out into different individual collections based on species, colour etc. These are really just meant to emphasise intricacy, colour and detail over anything else.
(Copyright for these illustrations is mine)
Caterpillar Collage, 2012
Before Christmas, I printed off huge sheets from a piece of wood, gradually layering up and removing colours. These prints (which I’ll probably post a photo of at some point) were then manipulated with a photocopier, so I could have a mess around with them. This is a result. Part of my Research project, an ongoing look into the abstract. I really enjoyed doing the prints, spending a whole day in the studio without realising the time, and using the scanner is a brilliant way of creating interesting results and insights into your own work. Collage isn’t something I really do, so this was a bit of a mess around, although it did annoy me with the fiddlyness. A fairly decent, different result, an experiment I’m pleased with.
(Copyright is mine)
Alfred, 2011
Our old dog, a stupid Bearded Collie/Wolf Hound mutt doggit thing. Miss that creature. For my family.
(Speedy watercolour commission type scenario, seeing how quickly I could get it done to a good standard, took roughly 3 hours)
Just some little beetles…. could lead to a hhhuuuggggeee piece with hundreds of insects?? 
Macaws, 2011
Quick Christmas doodle, I left my brushes in Chelt so had to make do with some of my old, thick bristled ones (shortly before I found Dad’s….). Ink. Mess. Progress in terms of speed and expression, putting work into a bit of a context, but still isn’t really anything other than sketchbook doodles.
(Copyright is mine, yack yack yack.)
Moth, 2011
Sketch on wood for a cut, followed by a watercolour wash on a photocopy.
Copyright is mine.
Beetles, 2011
Experimentation with ink, as I usually use watercolour. Stag beetle is further outlined, whilst the other is purely a mess to try and represent his iridescent carapace.
Copyright is mine.
Black and White Warbler, 2011.
Nothing to say really…
(Copyright is mine.)
Common Pheasant, 2011.
Speed paint to The King of Limbs. Trying to quicken myself up a tad as I tend to spend forever on little details.
(Copyright is mine.)
Opaque  by  andbamnan