My plants, 2012

Should be focusing on Research Project, but decided I needed a nice, stress free drawing sesh. Handy my uni desk has a windowsill full of my plants then int it?

Sgt. Pepper has steadily flowered for the past year, having a new chilli ready once a week or so, and after a hearty, well earned feed just before the LBF, now has loads of fresh leaves and flowers about to bloom.

The strawbs are coming along nicely too, one has a flower on! *nod*

Just some little beetles…. could lead to a hhhuuuggggeee piece with hundreds of insects?? 
Macaws, 2011
Quick Christmas doodle, I left my brushes in Chelt so had to make do with some of my old, thick bristled ones (shortly before I found Dad’s….). Ink. Mess. Progress in terms of speed and expression, putting work into a bit of a context, but still isn’t really anything other than sketchbook doodles.
(Copyright is mine, yack yack yack.)
Opaque  by  andbamnan