Another A3 sheet of insects. Kinda time I did something with these, so shall be spending loads of time in front of the screen editing and compiling. Favourites are the Cicada (middle, red and white wings) and the Thorn Bug above. Seems my favourites are always the most difficult to do (fiddly bastard wings… layering… layering… LAYERING).
(Copyright is mine)

Insects, 2012.

Two A3 pages from my sketchbook. Thought it’d be much simpler just to show them like this than edit and edit and edit. They take too long to do. 

Shield Bugs, 2012
(L-R Hawthorne, unspecified Indian, Forest, Common Green)
A small selection of shield bugs from the pages upon pages of insects I’ve been drawing recently. Going for the whole museum collection look. One project aim is to have loads of bugs drawn out to print into a huge piece. This can then be separated out into different individual collections based on species, colour etc. These are really just meant to emphasise intricacy, colour and detail over anything else.
(Copyright for these illustrations is mine)
Blog update! Ok, so I haven’t put much on here, but that’s about to change. Expect woodblock prints, ink, beetles, butterflies, fancy paper, experiments, Explosions! PIXELS!! ALAN RICKMAN!?! Well, maybe not the last few, but more work. And regular updates. I’ll try to stick something up every day. Spurred on by bazzilions of new followers (and impending deadlines…). Here’s a Collared Aracari to keep you happy. Love.
(All work is mine, copyright.)
Dip Pen Insects, late 2011
Experimentation, observational drawing of locust carapaces, a cicada and stag beetle. Frustrating to begin with but eventually was starting to get the hang of it! 
(copyright is mine.)
Opaque  by  andbamnan