Research - Little books are awesome. Hardback books are awesome. All of these are from my own collection, and are an influence on how I’d want my final piece to turn out, as a really high quality little book that draws the reader in and is an appealing item in itself. These photos are of an early 20th Century copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (hardback, yellowed pages, intricate detailing) and Craig Thompson’s Habibi. No copyright infringement intended, these are purely used as examples.

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London Book Fair, Earl’s Court, 2012.

Three days of self promotion and contact making, it was a great experience. All of my business cards went, and the bulk of my books did too. It’s a shame that the general vibe received was that actually, most publishers weren’t there to gather illustrators, but to actually do business and have boring board meetings. Why do that when you can look at pretty pictures? The mind boggles.

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As promised, selected pages from my self promotional book. Size is A5, limited to 20 copies. A fair selection of work was included in varying styles to entice potential customers and show flexibility. 

Not overly pleased with the title, it was a generic filler that I decided to go with due to time constraints, and felt it fit. 

I only have 3 copies left, for swaps/sale. The rest have been distributed at the London Book Fair to art directors and relevant publishers.

Amanda Wood, Publishing Director at Templar Publishing commented that she felt I’ve concentrated too much on one subject. I agree wholeheartedly on this, and feel that perhaps I should have done a more general piece, including other animals and ephemera from worldwide history and cultures. This applies to my portfolio too. On the plus side, she really liked my work and style, and advised putting all my effort into promoting my work to museums and similar institutions. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan