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Albino Boa  (3.10.12)
Sketch; washed and lined with a water soluble brush pen. Nowhere near the result I intended, but I kinda like it.
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New portfolio site!
Nothing you haven’t really seen before, just in a more professional setting. 
(if anyone knows how to fix it to “flipcard” setting, could you let me know…)
Commission in the works, so will have an update fairly soon.
Enjoy! x
Nemo, August 2012
A recent commission, A4 ink and watercolour on slightly bigger paper. Having been ill treated in her past life, it’s taken Nemo four years to be comfortable rolling and relaxing on her back with Rachel. 
It’s always interesting comparing the painting with the source photo a few days later, noticing how it’s been naturally interpreted, such as expressing some colours more than others (pinks and blues) and how textures have been created. If done again, I would perhaps try to create less of a harsh contrast between the inked fur lines and washed bedsheets. Just a niggle though.
I’m open for commissions now that home life and work seem to be at a manageable level, so mail me if you are interested :)
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Birthday Bouquet, 2012
I’ve never received flowers before. I wanted to kiss her, they made me so happy. Sat at my desk for the best part of a month, and past their best in most people’s eyes, withered and slightly mouldy they are still pretty. A quick watercolour sketch before they completely loose it.
What a silly girl.
Maisie, 2012
Recent commission, A4, watercolours, ink. She’s a beagle mutt. Sorry about the lack of updates recently, this blog has primarily been used for my Uni work, and so has had to be submitted to various exam boards. I’ll make up for it. In the near future you’ll also see a new portfolio blog and hopefully an online shop, just been very busy recently! Thank you for all the new follows and rebloggings, it’s always appreciated and puts a smile on my face. Much love.
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Beautiful work; rebeccapomroy:

My degree show space! Come down and see the talent, open to the public 27th-3rd

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As promised, selected pages from my self promotional book. Size is A5, limited to 20 copies. A fair selection of work was included in varying styles to entice potential customers and show flexibility. 

Not overly pleased with the title, it was a generic filler that I decided to go with due to time constraints, and felt it fit. 

I only have 3 copies left, for swaps/sale. The rest have been distributed at the London Book Fair to art directors and relevant publishers.

Amanda Wood, Publishing Director at Templar Publishing commented that she felt I’ve concentrated too much on one subject. I agree wholeheartedly on this, and feel that perhaps I should have done a more general piece, including other animals and ephemera from worldwide history and cultures. This applies to my portfolio too. On the plus side, she really liked my work and style, and advised putting all my effort into promoting my work to museums and similar institutions. 

Another A3 sheet of insects. Kinda time I did something with these, so shall be spending loads of time in front of the screen editing and compiling. Favourites are the Cicada (middle, red and white wings) and the Thorn Bug above. Seems my favourites are always the most difficult to do (fiddly bastard wings… layering… layering… LAYERING).
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Insects, 2012.

Two A3 pages from my sketchbook. Thought it’d be much simpler just to show them like this than edit and edit and edit. They take too long to do. 

Shield Bugs, 2012
(L-R Hawthorne, unspecified Indian, Forest, Common Green)
A small selection of shield bugs from the pages upon pages of insects I’ve been drawing recently. Going for the whole museum collection look. One project aim is to have loads of bugs drawn out to print into a huge piece. This can then be separated out into different individual collections based on species, colour etc. These are really just meant to emphasise intricacy, colour and detail over anything else.
(Copyright for these illustrations is mine)

Wimble and Tissue, 2012

Commission. Drawn from supplied photos. Decided to only wash in the background to draw attention to the cats themselves, same reason for the pen use. There’s some niggly bits I’d like to change, but that’s usually always the case. A welcome break from uni work.

(Copyright is mine, physical pieces belong to Judith)

Russia Ukraine, 2011.
Tiny ink paintings on tracing paper from earlier this year. Wouldn’t upload in their original side by side state so PS’d to be vertical… see how it goes.
(Copyright is mine.)
Opaque  by  andbamnan